DaffiOne Wallet

Scan this QR code on your phone to get the DaffiOne Wallet

Currently available in Android Beta, iOS version coming soon.

Everyday Digital Asset Solutions

Easy to use built for everyday life

All-in-One Digital currencies, stablecoins, cryptocurrencies,
eMoney & tokenized real-world assets

DaffiOne Wallet

The only wallet you will ever need for your everyday use

Supports digital currencies, stablecoins, eMoney, cryptocurrencies, tokenized RWAs, NFTs, DIDs, and self-custodial accounts debit cards

DaffiOne Pay

An enterprise-grade point of settlement solution that supports multiple EVM-compatible and non-EVM chains

Pay online or at merchants' counters using stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and tokenized real-world assets

Multi-Chain Support

Send, receive, pay, and convert assets across chains with ease

Non-EVM Chains



EVM Chains










(for Beta testing  version, certain functions are limited on certain chains)

Upcoming Services

DaffiOne Ramp

On-boarding and off-boarding for digital currencies and stablecoins.
Easily ramp and move cross-chains at low-cost from within the DaffiOne Wallet.

DaffiOne Transfer

Uses the DaffiOne Pay merchant network to provide transfer-to-counter services. Senders can use digital currencies, stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, and tokenized Real World Assets when sending. Remittances at the counter to the recipient are made in the recipient’s local currency.

DaffiOne Payroll

Payroll services of NGO’s and enterprises that employ large numbers of migrants or unbanked workers. Using digital currencies and stablecoins, we offer advantageous solutions to address the specific needs of large employers operating in emerging markets.

DaffiOne Card

Use your self-sovereign accounts through virtual & physical debit cards at merchants & ATMs.